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Performance-based Silicones for Pharmaceutical Applications

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Performance-based Silicones for Pharmaceutical Applications


GE's family of LIM* elastomers are an incredibly versatile class of liquid silicone rubbers (LSRs). LIM is a two component, platinum curable, and pumpable silicone elastomer that can be molded and cured at elevated temperatures with very fast cycle times. The molding process allows for complex part geometry and exacting dimensions. The family of products has been engineered to offer: regulatory compliance, fast cycle times, high clarity, high tear strength and a broad range of durometers (3 to 80 shore A).


In addition to its comprehensive silicone elastomers portfolio, GE Advanced Materials, Silicones also offers a line of silicone-based antifoams. These products impart outstanding durability in the control of foam over time and are highly effective even at low concentrations. GE's SAG* 471 silicone antifoam compound provides excellent foam control in fermentation processes, including aerobic fermentation of antibiotics involving actinomycetales organisms, vaccines, and others. It is also stable under sterilization processes.


The GE heat-cured elastomer (HCE) portfolio includes both peroxide and platinum (addition) curable silicone elastomers. This family of products has been engineered to offer: regulatory compliance, enhanced mechanical performance, high clarify, improved storage flexibility, broad range of durometers, catalysts optimized for extrusion and molding operations.

GE's Tufel* I silicone elastomer series consists of one-component, low volatile, platinum curable elastomers based on the patented Addisil* catalyst technology. These elastomers are supplied as a ready-to-use product that does not require mixing, and is offered in a range of durometers from 30 to 70 shore A. The long mixed shelf life of up to three months at room temperature provides customers with an opportunity to streamline manufacturing processes.

GE's Tufel III elastomer series is a two-component, platinum-cure, silicone elastomer that provides high resilience and elastic memory, as well as, low hysteresis. The combination of these properties may lead to longer service life in highly mechanical applications. Offered in both 50 and 65 durometer Shore A, the Tufel III elastomers can be used to produce extruded and calendared parts with excellent permanent set resistance and should be considered fro applications such as peristaltic pump tubing, gaskets, and seals.


The material you choose should be engineered to fit the application, not the other way around. GE's custom elastomer formulation services can help you identify a material engineered to the performance, processing, and production demands unique to your requirements. GE's Silicones business will quickly formulate a material that may help meet your specific needs. Examples of these services include: customized cure/rheological profiles, incorporation of specialy additivies such as barium sulfate, color matching, and tailored performance attributes.

* LIM, SAG, and TUFEL are trademarks of General Electric Company.

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