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Protect your punches and dies with Pharmacote treatments & coatings

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Protect your punches and dies with Pharmacote treatments &

As the world's leading global tablet tooling company I Holland is dedicated to finding solutions to common and complex tooling problems that will enhance the performance of our punches and dies providing our valued clients with tooling that results in a greater product yield and return on investment for their business. Our Pharmacote range encompasses many treatments and coatings that are designed to: Improve surface hardness Improve wear resistance Improve corrosion resistance Improve anti-stick properties Many of these solutions can be applied to both punches and dies. However, the effectiveness of each treatment or coating is determined very much by the granule or formulation being compressed. Our technical experts are well placed to help you identify the best treatment or coating from our Pharmacote range to address your specific tabletting requirements. Correct steel selection is also imperative for optimised tablet tooling performance and this is only enhanced by the treatment or coatings applied. Good steel selection will achieve an optimum balance of the following steel properties: Toughness Abrasive wear resistance Adhesive wear resistance High hardness level Compressive strength Corrosion resistance Clean steel structure Good machinability and formability At I Holland we have achieved exactly the right balance with our quality Pharmagrade steels that offer an optimum range of steel types for all punch and die applications. In addition to our standard range of treatments, coatings and steels, our Research and Development team are constantly working on new solutions and would be pleased to work with you on any bespoke developments as an extension to your own in-house R&D department. 60 years in the business of trouble shooting, innovating and evolving many industry leading tablet tooling technologies means that there is no one better placed to solve these complex issues on your behalf.

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