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Purac in the pharmaceutical industry

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Purac supplies a wide range of high-quality products to the pharmaceutical and medical industry for various applications. The three main application areas are:

• Parenteral solutions

• Mineral preparations

• Drug delivery devices

Parenteral solutions

Natural L(+) lactic acid and especially derivates like Sodium -S- Lactate (Pharma Grade), sold under the brand name PURASAL S/PF®, are widely used in pharmaceutical parenteral applications, such as IV, CAPD and other dialyses solutions. Sodium -S- Lactate function in this kind of applications is for example acting as electrolyte or as an alkalinizing agent.

Purac produces lactic acid naturally by fermentation of carbohydrates. In order to obtain pharmaceutical quality lactic acid and derivates, we use the most stringent purification techniques. Purac's pharma products are produced under cGMP systems and comply with the highest quality standards demanded by the pharmaceutical industry (including DMF, CEP, CTD).

Purac also produces Calcium Gluconate Injectable for human and veterinary parenteral applications. For these products we hold the necessary pharma applications. Calcium Gluconate Injectable is used in humans to prevent acute hypocalcaemia and as veterinary application in cows to prevent milk fever.

Drug delivery devices

Purac Biomaterials develops, manufactures and markets resorbable polymers and monomers worldwide under the PURASORB® brand name. The product scope includes GMP grade lactide, glycolide and caprolactone based monomers and polymers. Our products and services support your developments from early stage R&D to market introduction and large scale commercial supply.

Mineral supplements

Increasing consumer awareness of preventive healthcare is driving up sales of over-the-counter mineral products. There is a growing trend to concentrate on health and wellness rather than disease. The trends reflect key health concerns such as inflammatory disorders, menopause, heart health, and anti-aging formulations.

To stay competitive in this growing market segment, it is imperative for companies to have the technical and marketing expertise to take minerals from the product design to final delivery stage.

Purac has a wide range of natural minerals which are suitable sources for addition of nutrients to all types of food supplement formulations.

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