Reducing Out-of-Specification results in QA/QC

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Reducing Out-of-Specification results in QA/QC
Weighing out powders to prepare samples and standards for analytical methods such as HPLC can be a time-consuming task with high error risk. With the advent of faster analytical methods, such as UHPLC, and rapid advances in software developments providing faster data processing, attention is once again focussing on sample preparation as the bottleneck in the process.The pressure is on to do more with less. Whether this applies to increased workload with lower headcount or more analytical tests with less milligrams of sample, how do today’s pharma and biopharmaceutical companies make ends meet?The answer is by automating the tedious, repetitive laboratory processes to free up chemists and analysts precious time to concentrate on higher value tasks.This 30 minute webinar will describe how implementing automated powder and liquid dosing into your sample preparation workflow can bring massive gains in speed, safety and savings. You can reduce the amount of time and money spent on Out-of-Specification investigations and inconclusive results, by eliminating errors in weighing and sample preparation. Repetitive tasks such as weighing and preparing samples for method development and method validation can be performed typically four times faster with automation than traditional manual techniques. During the webinar we will explore the following topics:Challenges faced in QA/QC laboratoriesSample preparation today and Sources of Out-of-Specification ResultsAutomating powder and liquid dosingUser examples – Reducing Out-of-Spec through implementation of automationThese topics will be supported by data and examples from pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations.Presenter: Dr Joanne Ratcliff, Marketing Project Manager, METTLER TOLEDOFind out more about automated dosing

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