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SEPIFILM™ coating made easier

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SEPIFILM™ coating made easier

SEPIFILM™ is a range of immediate release, tablet film-coating compositions designed for Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Supplement applications. Granular presentation Easy handling : no dust Easy mixing : no lumps, no foam Homogeneous composition : no segregation Technical & Regulatory support Our technicians are available to help you with your coating needs. SEPPIC provides guidelines to help you choose the right colours for the right markets and countries (Pharmaceutical Drugs and Food Supplements) Customer Training Seppic provides customer training on coating through its SEPISCHOOL™ sessions. Registration and program on Range SEPIFILM® IR : already coloured; powered by Kollicoat® IR SEPIFILM 003 series: Conventional Coating SEPIFILM™ LP: Moisture Barrier SEPIFILM™ Gloss SEPIFILM™ 050 series : Food Supplements SEPISPERSE™ Dry : colouring agent Visit us on Kollicoat® is a registered trademark of BASF Aktiengesellschaft

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