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Supor® UEAV 0.2 micron filter

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Supor® UEAV 0.2 micron filter

The Supor® UEAV 0.2 micron filter increases filter service life and protects sterilizing grade filters and other sensitive downstream processing equipment such as tangential flow filtration (TFF) and chromatography systems.

It achieves this by incorporating three technologies into a single filter: an asymmetric Supor® mach V membrane structure with controlled pores from 3 down to 0.2 microns which provides high solids capacity; the new deep-pleat Ultipleat® construction which provides enhanced surface area of over one m² per 10 inch (254 millimeters) module, resulting in high flow rates and extending solids capacity; and the company's polyethersulfone (PES) membrane that ensures excellent chemical compatibility and low nonspecific binding to extend service life.

The new filter's particle removal capability works with a diverse range of biopharmaceutical fluids including buffers, biologicals, tissue culture media, ophthalmics and cell culture supernatants.

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