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Nondestructive, single tablet analysis

Nondestructive, single tablet analysis

Metrohm – customized analysis for the pharmaceutical industry | 16-Jun-2014 | Application Note

NIRS Spectroscopy allows rapid (<30 s) and nondestructive screening of solid dosage forms. It requires neither sample preparation nor solvent use. Interferences...

Developing textures with DC Polyols

Developing textures with DC Polyols

Roquette Pharma Solutions | 16-Jun-2014 | Case Study

Different methodologies for assessing the texture and organoleptic properties of chewable polyols-based tablets.

Boehringer Ingelheim

Setting the Standard for Plasmid DNA Production

Boehringer Ingelheim Biopharmaceuticals GmbH | 06-Jun-2014 | Data Sheet

Boehringer Ingelheim stands out due to global contract manufacturing excellence in plasmid DNA production. It is one of the world’s leading companies for...

Are there Any Markets left to Emerge?

Are there Any Markets left to Emerge?

World Courier | 02-Jun-2014 | Technical / White Paper

North America, Western Europe and—to a lesser extent—Australasia once served as prime locations for the majority of research. But these Western markets...


Do you have spores?

Steris: A global leader in infection prevention and contamination control | 27-May-2014 | Technical / White Paper

Trending analysis of cleanroom environmental monitoring data sometimes shows the presence of spores. These undesirable microbes must be eradicated quickly...

Global Shipping Success with Active Containers

Global Shipping Success with Active Containers

World Courier | 12-May-2014 | Data Sheet

It is the dead of winter in the northern hemisphere and the height of summer in the southern, with external temperature fluctuations exceeding 50 degrees....

JRS Pharma LP

Excipients for Multilayer Tablets

JRS Pharma | 07-May-2014 | Technical / White Paper

Multi-layered tablets bring together differently formulated powder mixtures, which typically contain different APIs, into a single tablet with two or more...


Elemental Impurity Analysis in Pharmaceuticals

Butterworth | 06-May-2014 | Technical / White Paper

A method to identify the presence of heavy metals in pharmaceuticals was introduced in the United States Pharmacopoeia more than 100 years ago. Today pharmaceutical...