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The Measurement Technology for Temperature measurement

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The Measurement Technology for Temperature measurement

testo 735: security through precision and versatility through radio transmission of data.
Highest precision
A highly precise temperature measuring system is especially desirable in the areas of quality assurance, calibrating services and laboratories. With the highly precise immersion-penetration probe, a system exactitude of up to 0.05ºC with a resolution of 0.001ºC can be achieved via the Pt 100 probe input. The measurement system is therefore suitable for use as a working standard.

Radio probes up to 20m without obstructions and attachable probes​ testo 735 - the measuring instrument with highest versatility. Fully equipped, three radio probes and three attachable probes in a measuring range from - 200 to +1,370ºC can be fitted.

In addition to classical probes with wire, wireless measurement is possible. When the radio receiver module and the relevant radio probes are in use, the temperature data are transmitted over a distance of up to 20m without obstructions. The lack of a wire not only increases the comfort of the measurement, but also ensures that the wire does not become damaged.

Storing measured values


Absolutely robust instrument concept.

The new testo 735 wins not only by its unmistakable and ergonomic design, but also by the uniquely robust instrument construction. The materials used are a built-in protection against knocks and blows. The instrument can also be used in bad weather owing to its high level of IP protection. The large illuminated display is slightly sunk into the housing and is thus better protected.

testo 720: single channel measuring instrument

Measuring temperature in laboratories and industry

testo 720 is the single channel measuring instrument for demanding measurements in the laboratory and in industry. The Pt 100 sensor used enables a broad range of temperature measurement from - 100 to +800. Areas of temperature in which other temperature sensors become inaccurate are measured by the testo 720 with a high degree of accuracy. This accuracy can be confirmed by ISO or DKD certificate.

Probes for all uses

Air probes, immersion / penetration probes and surface probes can be attached to the thermometer for different measuring tasks. The glass - coated immersion / penetration probe was developed especially for laboratory use. The glass tube protects the probe from aggressive media.

Robust protection

Not only the probes, but also the testo 720 is protected from aggressive media by the indestructible TopSafe. The measuring instrument is safe from tough indoor and outdoor conditions due to the robust and waterproof protective cover.

Further uses and documentation

The large illuminated display shows the current measurement. Continuous minimum and maximum values can additionally be displayed. An acoustic alarm sounds when limit values are exceeded during measurement. The Auto-hold function recognizes a stable end value and fixes it in the display automatically. The length of time in which a temperature value must remain stable, is adjustable.

The manageable testo report printer can be used to document measurements. The proof of temperature is thus traceable. The thermo paper available enables legible long-term measurement documentation for up to ten years.

For laboratories, testo also offers:

  • reference measuring instruments
  • humidity / dewpoint / temperature measuring instruments
  • differential/absolute pressure measuring instruments

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