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Vcaps® Plus capsules: The next generation HPMC capsule for optimum formulation of Pharmaceutical Dosage forms

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Traditionally, HPMC capsules have been formulated with secondary gelling agents and ionic gel promoters, which may lead to unwanted issues during the product development.

Vcaps® Plus HPMC capsules are made through a proprietary manufacturing process that eliminates the need for gelling systems, providing true pH and ionic media independence in disintegration. They expand the range of capsule applications and offer an excellent alternative to gelatin or traditional HPMC for optimizing  delivery, performance and stability of OTC, NCE’s and off-patent products.

Read more about the rationale for developing Capsugel’s Vcaps® Plus capsules without gelling systems, and discover how these capsules can reduce variability and optimize product performance, improve product stability and reduce development timelines.

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