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Wet chemical solutions

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Wet chemical solutions

Wet chemistry forms the basis of greatly improved reference methods of analysis developed by FOSS. Our radically improved Kjeldahl, Soxhlet, Weende and van Soest wet chemistry reference methods perform dual roles and dramatically cut laboratory time and costs. The methods can either be used in independent laboratory systems to provide reliable results based on wet chemistry analysis or, because of their accuracy and precision, they can be used to create valid calibrations for NIR/NIT analysis systems. We supply a full range of Kjeltec™ Systems and Digestion Systems for protein and nitrogen determinations and other parameters. Compared with traditional Soxhlet methods, our automated Soxtec™ Systems are five times faster, safer and more economical, due to heavily reduced solvent usage. FOSS Fibertec™ Systems are specifically designed to determine crude fibre, acid detergent fibre (ADF), neutral detergent fibre (NDF)-, and lignin, according to relevant ISO, EC and AOAC standards. Rapid, flow injection analysis (FIA) with low reagent consumption is performed by our FIAstar™ Systems, for analysis of nutrients and other parameters in water and soil, as well as in meat or other food products. Sample Preparation is vital Certain analytical techniques demand good sample preparation as part of the total analysis procedure. Dependable results are ensured by correct procedures. This is important for two main reasons: To reduce sampling errors by making sample constituents homogeneous To make analytes accessible for NIR scanning or treatment by reagents, solvents, enzymes, etc. by breaking down samples into small particles. This also speeds up drying procedures. FOSS provides a wide range of highly effective sample preparation mills and grinders - Cemotec™ mill, Cyclotec™ mill, Knifetec™ mill, Homogenizers, - that contribute to dependable results.

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