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iTAB: Tablet Design Made Easy

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iTAB: Tablet Design Made Easy

iTAB is an interactive Windows based tablet design aid that calculates basic tablet parameters and stress analysis for Rounds and Shapes in 3 easy steps. Custom designed by I Holland's tablet design experts iTAB follows a simple design and analysis process resulting in 2D production ready drawings and a reporting output that can be emailed directly to the I Holland team.

Step 1​ involves the selection of a specific tablet profile and modification of key parameters including diameter, mass, volume & surface area, in real time. The iTAB safety Zone ensures that unfeasible designs are not output from the system meaning only quality tablets are produced.

Step 2​ runs a real time FEA simulation against the design to give an indicative punch tip maximum force calculation.

Step 3​ automatically produces a report summarising key design data i.e. cup depth & surface area that can be emailed to the I Holland team for further analysis, design work and tooling production.

iTAB allows non-CAD and non-FEA users, to simply and quickly design non-embossed tablets, and obtain detailed information at the click of a button.

Core benefits include the avoidance of tablet manufacturing problems such as punch tip breakage from the outset. No technical expertise is required saving time and money on training. Immediate and accurate punch tip load calculations and 3D dynamic rotation of punch tip stress allow for instant decision making on design issues. Tooling and tablet design in one.

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