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Isis is using BioClinica's EDC software.

BioClinica, Isis relationship maturing with age

By Zachary Brennan

BioClinica, a provider of clinical trial management tools, is helping Isis Pharmaceuticals and its antisense drug development program bring on more and larger clinical trials, including 16 trials for 2014.

UDG slims down services business into single unit

UDG slims down services business into single unit

By Fiona BARRY

Pharmaceutical services provider UDG Healthcare (formerly United Drug) announced today the integration of its sales, marketing and medical service divisions into one group, named Ashfield.

BioFocus: new HTS compound portfolio management system

BioFocus gives itself room to update compound library

By Natalie Morrison

BioFocus has taken on Titian’s sample management software in a bid to pump more resources into “refreshing” its 900,000 strong high-throughput screening (HTS) compound portfolio.

SGS cell based assay lab biopharmaceutical

SGS opens assay lab in France

By Gareth Macdonald

SGS’ has opened a new cell-based assay laboratory in Poitiers, France in its latest European, biopharma-focused investment.

CPhI 2009 - Road to recovery?

CPhI 2009 - Road to recovery?

By Nick Taylor

As CPhI 2009 draws to a close we take a look back on the show, which, despite some negatives, appears to have been an overall success.