Abbott Informatics


The informatics industry is moving faster than ever. No matter what changes and challenges your organization faces, Abbott Informatics is here for you. Our powerful, efficient solutions and services will help you achieve your goals of data management, and transform your challenges into growth and value for your lab, today and tomorrow.

Dedicated to Your Success​: For more than 27 years, we’ve helped hundreds of laboratories around the world achieve their analytical, regulatory and business objectives with our informatics solutions. Our STARLIMS Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) solution lets you seamlessly integrate and analyze data across instruments, sites and systems. Fully web-based and cloud-enabled, our solutions put powerful data management a click away, no matter how you grow your enterprise. This is part of how Abbott Informatics helps your lab from sample intake to delivery of accurate results, driving smarter decision making for your business and customers throughout the entire process.Most importantly, every department in our company is aligned towards one goal: meeting and surpassing customer expectations of our products and services. We look forward to working with you.