Asterand plc


Asterand plc is the leading global supplier of high quality, well characterized human tissue and human tissue-based research services to support those engaged in drug discovery & development. Our mission is to accelerate target discovery and compound validation and enable pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to take safer and more effective drugs into the clinic.


Asterand offers unparalleled access to human tissue through worldwide network of active donor institutions, each of which we collaborate with very closely. Our XpressBANK™ biobank contains several hundred thousand specimens from the broadest range of therapeutic areas and with the most diverse ethnic representation. Through our ProCURE™ service, human tissues and clinical data can also be custom collected to meet special requirements. This includes the collection of follow-up data related to patient outcome. Through our PhaseZERO® drug discovery services platform, we provide a collaborative scientific approach to deliver human tissue-based data on target & biomarker validation as well as compound potency, efficacy, disposition and safety.


Through this combination of an extensive tissue supply network and a proven track record in delivering human tissue and cell-based research services, Asterand is uniquely positioned to provide a complete solution for human tissue research needs

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