Cremer Oleo

CREMER OLEO is a global acting family owned enterprise offering a wide range of oleochemical products. Our activities are divided into the following areas of application:


Under the roof of CREMER HEALTH we have gathered our activities for the pharmaceutical industry with a strong commitment to quality leadership in “Oleoceuticals”.

Our pharmaceutical excipients as well as our oleo-chemical based active pharmaceutical ingredients for enteral and parenteral applications have been enjoying a good reputation for decades.

The WITEPSOL® ​product range with its different types is the worldwide leading market standard for suppository bases.

Our MIGLYOL® ​brand comprises our MCT oil as well as related C8-C10 fatty esters. Having received the first CEP ever for (MIGLYOL® ​812N) underlines our commitment to compliant solutions which help to facilitate and/or update our customers’ regulatory approvals.

The IMWITOR® ​product family provides functionalized lipids for drug delivery systems.

With DYNASAN®​, we offer monoacid triglycerides for various applications requiring precise physico-chemical characteristics.

Highest quality standards are continuously improved and controlled by the relevant German authority and US-FDA as well as throughout audits by multi-national companies. Our strict commitment to quality is underpinned and rewarded with the repeated granting of EU-GMP as well as repeated US- FDA approval.