Cafosa​ is part of the Wrigley/Mars group​ of companies that are leading the chewing gum market.

Cafosa​ is the world’s leading Gum Base supplier​ for confectionery, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

What is Gum Base?

Gum base is the main ingredient used to produce chewing gum, a combination of polymers, resins and softeners plus an inorganic filler that gives different textures and chewing properties to chewing gum depending on its composition.

What is Health in Gum?

Cafosa​ has developed an innovative concept for the pharmaceutical industry: Health in Gum​ is an excipient, a directly compressible powder gum that contains a mix of Gum Base and polyols to which you can add your active ingredient (so you can create medicated chewing gum by adding your APIs to Health in Gum​ powder).

Why Health in Gum?

Health in Gum​ offers an innovative drug delivery system for your products.

There is no need for specific chewing gum production equipment, as it is directly compressible and it works at room temperature (this allows the use of thermo-sensitive APIs).

All the formulas of Health in Gum​ comply with cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) principles for pharmaceutical excipients.

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