Charles River

Charles River

Fully Integrated Partner in Drug Discovery & Development

The drug research and development process is highly complex, lengthy and expensive, yet essential for delivering safe and effective drug therapies to patients. With more than 60 facilities in 15 countries, Charles River helps clients navigate this process with a wide range of products and services that can be tailored to specific research needs. Our portfolio covers four distinct phases of drug research and development: basic research, drug discovery, safety assessment and manufacturing support​. As a result, we are able to work with clients at the earliest stages when critical decisions are made, and continue to move downstream with them through the preclinical development process.

Safety Assessment Highlight:

We offer a full range of in vivo​ and in vitro​ safety assessment services that comply with global regulatory requirements and GLP standards. Toxicology is one of our core competencies and a competitive strength. In addition to all standard protocols f0r general toxicity testing, Charles River is world-renowned for developmental and reproductive toxicology and other specialty toxicology areas such as inhalation, infusion, juvenile/neonatal, ocular, bone, immunotoxicology and phototoxicology, all of which are supported by the largest collective group of pathologists in  the industry.  Our safety assessment capabilities are complemented by laboratory and analytical services for the preclinical and clinical stages.