Eurofins Global Central Laboratory


Reliable, high quality laboratory data is pivotal to the success of drug development. At Eurofins Global Central Laboratory, laboratory science is our sole focus. With over 20 years of experience and scientific expertise, we utilize our global central laboratories to continually attain the most cost effective and efficient solutions for your clinical trial needs.

We are dedicated to providing all laboratory testing needed in clinical trials and have developed one of the broadest testing portfolios available in the pharmaceutical industry today. Eurofins Global Central Laboratory continuously expands its testing portfolio by validating and adding new study specific laboratory tests. By integrating global safety assessment with biomarker, bioanalytical, biopharmaceutical, genomic and infectious disease services in one project, we offer synergetic benefits with regard to turnaround time of results, harmonized procedures, logistics and reporting.

Eurofins Global Central Laboratory supports its customers with 6 wholly-owned facilities in the United States, Europe, India, Singapore and China. With three central laboratories operating in the Asia-Pacific region, Eurofins Global Central Laboratory is considered as one of the top central laboratory organizations in the world. If required, we extend our global coverage through standardized local central laboratory partners to reduce costs, accelerate logistic timelines, or to accommodate local needs for a given study.