Fine Foods NTM S.p.A

Fine Foods

Founded in 1985 at Brembate (Bergamo) as a laboratory for the study of fluid bed granulation technology and its applications for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, Fine Foods NTM very soon started to produce excipients and semifinished products.

Early 1989 the start for a "full time" activity as a contract manufacturer for oral solid forms dedicated to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets was given.

Later, new facilities for pharmaceuticals at Brembate (1991) and for nutraceuticals at Zingonia-Verdellino (1997), were opened. Over the years plant engineering has followed, and was adapted to, market requirements, strengthening in all solid oral forms (powder, granules, tablets film-coated or not, hard-gel capsules) and virtually in every kind of packaging: sachets, bags, bottles, blisters, jars, tubes and strips. To complete its pharmaceutical services Omicron Pharma srl was acquired early 2008. Omicron Pharma is a contract manufacturer with a plant in Nembro (Bergamo) that produces tablets, film- and sugarcoated tablets as well as hardgel capsules.

The Fine Foods’ core business is the fluid bed granulation technology, by which effervescent forms are produced (powders, granules, tablets).

Last but not least Fine Foods NTM installed lines for producing and packaging of monodose liquid bottles, with or without cap for powders. Today, Fine Foods NTM is the biggest independent Italian contract manufacturer for nutraceuticals and an important player in the pharmaceutical market, with more than 230 employees, more than 150 customers and a global turnover in excess of 56 millions Euro.