Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing

Fresenius Kabi

Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing leads the way in contract development and manufacture of sterile pharmaceuticals. As Fresenius Kabi’s business-to-business platform we are dedicated to contract manufacturing and offer our partners easy access to our worldwide development and manufacturing capabilities.

Major Markets​​

Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing works with pharmaceutical and medical device companies all around the globe. With over 40 years of experience in contract manufacturing, we have developed active partnerships with an impressive number of top-tier pharmaceutical multinationals as well as start-ups and biotech companies.

Services offered​​

Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing opens the door to over 25 Fresenius Kabi manufacturing facilities and innovation centers worldwide. Our facilities are run in strict compliance with international quality standards (cGMP, WHO-GMP, ISO-Norms).

Our approach​​

Fresenius Kabi Contract Manufacturing provides its customers with seamless support throughout the entire life-cycle of their sterile products. We are there from the early stages of development right through to the commercial manufacturing.

Manufacturing Technologies​​

•Aseptic processing, terminal sterilization
•Processing of solutions and disperse systems such as emulsions and liposomes
•Handling of high-active APIs
•State of the art packaging and labeling