Gattefossé is a leading provider of lipid excipients and formulation solutions to healthcare industries worldwide.

Oral Drug Delivery

Functional lipid excipients are designed to meet the most pressing formulation challenges in drug development including poor API solubility, permeability and low bioavailability; modified drug release; protection of sensitive API and taste-masking. A broad range of physico-chemical properties means lipid excipients can be used in numerous processing techniques providing scope for innovation.

Topical Drug Delivery

Lipid excipients are used to formulate creams, lotions, ointments, oily and aqueous gels and foams. The stability, texture and sensorial qualities of a topical product can be optimized by selection of the right combination of Gattefossé excipients. Penetration enhancers can be formulated into creams, gels and foams to improve bioavailability and efficacy.

All our excipients are extremely safe and many have precedence of use in internationally approved and marketed products.

International technical support

With an international network of technical representatives and formulation application laboratories in USA, France, India and China, Gattefossé provides bespoke technical and regulatory support to accelerate your drug development.

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