LabConnect, LLC


LabConnect provides global central laboratory services including routine and esoteric laboratory testing, kit building, sample management and tracking, biostorage and scientific support services for our biopharmaceutical and CRO clients.

LabConnect’s services include:

Specialized Testing​. With more than 4,000 validated tests across our network, LabConnect can handle everything from general safety testing to the most complex molecular diagnostics and biomarker analyses. LabConnect’s extensive test menu includes a broad range of validated assays and diagnostic platforms as well as method development and validation services.

Specimen Tracking​. LabConnect’s real-time specimen tracking service, SampleGISTICS™, follows the clients’ specimen samples from collection through logistics to receipt at any lab or storage location in the world. LabConnect provides enhanced visibility of each individual sample and our advanced virtual accessioning process enables immediate query resolution, thereby improving efficiencies and saving time and money for our clients.

Scientific Operations Support​. LabConnect provides dedicated contract scientific professionals based upon the specific functional expertise our clients require. Our SciOps services give our clients management control without the time and cost strains of managing internal headcount, payroll and human resource issues.

Biostorage Solutions​. LabConnect offers a comprehensive suite of biostorage solutions for multiple sample types.

Clinical Kits​. LabConnect custom designs, builds and distributes visit-specific collection kits with pre-labeled tubes to minimize errors. Our kits are consistently rated as some of the best in the industry by investigator sites.