Marken is the leading global clinical supply chain solutions provider dedicated to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, supporting over 49,000 investigators​ in more than 150 countries​. Marken integrates Depot and Logistics services into solutions that extend the reach of clinical trials to even the most remote treatment naïve geographies, leveraging decades of experience in the logistics, transport and distribution of temperature sensitive life saving pharmaceuticals, clinical trial supplies and specimen collection. Our team members, technologies and network of facilities bridge the distance between patients and the essential resources of life science companies.

  1. Regulatory, Customs and Brokerage for Import/Export assistance
  2. Global movement of API from the point of manufacturing to CMOs and primary packagers
  3. Collection, packaging, storage and delivery of biological test specimens including  controlled temperature management 


By integrating Depot and Logistics services, Marken offers our customers solutions that can extend the reach of clinical trials to even the most remote areas.

Marken Makes It Happen

  • Temperature-sensitive assets arrive within specification, at temperatures ranging from deep frozen to controlled ambient.
  • Marken’s unparalleled experience and expertise in customs and regulatory matters results in a 99.8% on-time shipment rate.
  • Marken’s worldwide depot network provides access to over 49,000 investigator sites in more than 150 countries around the world.
  • State-of-the art information systems give customers immediate access to the status of shipments as well as inventory levels of critical assets.

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