Nimbus: Business Process Management Software Solution


Four of the top five global pharmaceutical companies power their business process improvement initiatives with Nimbus Control 2007. Global companies such as Unilever use Nimbus Control 2007 to improve the governance of outsourced process delivery.

You can improve the business benefit and mitigate risks of your company’s Outsourcing initiative. Reports say around two thirds of outsource arrangements start to fall apart before end of contract term. And whereas the goal is “gain-sharing” many companies report inertia and inflexibility as buyer and supplier negotiate change requests and pick through contract paperwork. The impact on compliance in heavily regulated industries like pharma is potentially most worrying.

To avoid these pitfalls you need to be Outsourcing with Control. Nimbus Control 2007 will help you improve your governance of business processes; improve process and performance clarity for all stakeholders, and provide a platform for collaboration which you can leverage to improve service delivery. The results improved agility, reduced compliance risks and more successful long term strategic sourcing relationships.