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Chazy, New York is located only six miles from the Canadian Border in Upstate New York. It is only ten minutes North of Plattsburgh, one hour south of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and 15 miles west of Burlington, Vermont. Known commonly as Montreal’s US suburb, the Chazy/Greater Plattsburgh Area is a thriving marketplace that has been the focal point for North American trade and industry for almost four centuries.

As the US access point of the Quebec-New York corridor, the North Country region is home to a diverse economic base as well as a supporting university/college systems and has become recognized as a global leader in all of the emerging sectors of the new 21st Century economy, including information technology, nanotechnology, biotech & life sciences and photonics/optics.

This unique, integrated, bi-national economic region offers the very best of both the US and Canada in one location.

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