Pharmatest Services Ltd


Pharmatest Services Ltd is a full-service bone biology CRO specialized in preclinical testing of new drug candidates both in vitro and in vivo. We provide cost-effective solutions for fast and high quality preclinical drug efficacy research.
Our unique in vitro bone cell efficacy assays, including osteoclast assays for antiresorptive compounds and osteoblast assays for anabolic compounds, are specifically designed for osteoporosis drug discovery. These bone cell assays are perfect tools for selecting most potent drug candidates for further testing in our animal models. They also provide an ideal way to test new compounds against cancer-induced bone disease and metastases in a cost-effective in vitro setting.
These in vitro services are complimented by our wide selection of in vivo models, such as osteoporosis animal models; including rat ovariectomy and orchidectomy models, as well as a glucocorticoid-induced mouse osteoporosis model. The osteoporosis animal models can be performed according to FDA/EMEA guidelines, allowing the use of the results in drug approval process.
Additionally, we offer animal models of cancer bone metastasis and osteoarthritis. We also provide bone analysis services, including BMD measurements, histology, histomorphometry, ash weight analysis, mechanical testing and biochemical markers. These methods are used routinely in our animal models, but they can also be performed as stand-alone services.

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