Polimoon​ holds a leading position within manufacturing, developing and selling of plastic products with 41 operations across Europe. Polimoon develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of packaging products medical. Polimoon has approximately 4 400 employees with the head office located in Norway. Annual sales are expected to be in excess of 600 million Euros.​ 
 Polimoon has more than 40 years experience in the development and production of infusion containers, vials and various other types of bottles & devices, used by hospitals and the medical and pharmaceutical industries worldwide. Always pursuing an uncompromising quality policy we are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and most recently ISO 15378*. 
 Polimoon offers a wide breadth of choice from it's 41 sites across Europe for bottles & containers, medical devices, infusion therapy & injection therapy packaging solutions. 
 To meet stringent hygiene requirements of the medical profession, the packaging of many of our products takes place in modern Class C (10,000) clean room facilities. Our vials, for example, are clean enough that they do not require washing before filling. Bottles in polypropylene and polyethylene conform to the European Pharmacopoeia standards because they have insignificant water permeability and the surface is resistant to most liquids. Our range of IV containers for liquids for intravenous infusion, irrigation and dialysis have been developed in Denmark in close cooperation with local hospitals. The containers are self-collapsible and have a constant drip speed without the need of venting. And our range of tablet bottles is unrivalled. 
 * Three sites of Polimoon Plastohm France are certified ISO 15378