Automated Tablet Sorting Eliminates Manual Inspection
 With many references among most of the large pharmaceutical labs since 1999, PRODITEC is a leading manufacturer of Automatic Vision Inspection and Sorting System for Quality Control of Pharmaceutical Tablets.
 PRODITEC is headquartered in Pessac (FRANCE) near Bordeaux, with local offices for Sales and Services in USA (Philadelphia) and in Singapore.
 PRODITEC offers two vision inspection systems for fast and accurate inspection/ sorting for all visual defects on all types and shapes of pharmaceutical tablets:

  • High-end VISITAB2 for high speed systematic inspection
  • up to 250 000 tablets per hour depending on tablet size
  • ideal system for multi-product QA sorting
  • Entry level INSPECTAB100 Batch saver
  • up to 120 000 tablets per hour depending on tablet size
  • cost-effective affordable alternative to manual inspection to rework a defective batch


  • Full Tablet Inspection
  • All kinds of Tablet shape and Tablet finish
  • Ease of use
  • Quick product changeover
  • Fast and Easy cleaning
  • 21 CFR part 11