Purac in the pharmaceuticals industry

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Purac is the world's largest and most experienced producer of natural lactic acid, lactates and lactic acid based resorbable polymers and monomers.

For many years, lactic acid and its mineral salts have been used in a wide range of pharmaceutical applications. The use of Purac products in the pharmaceuticals industry can be divided into four main application areas:

● Parenteral solutions

● Dialysis solutions

● Mineral supplements

● Medical devices

 Purac’s product range measures up to the highest quality standards and fully complies with the demand of the medical and pharmaceuticals industry. This is proven by the fact that Purac has successfully passed FDA audits as a bulk pharmaceutical chemicals supplier.

Purac’s microbiologists, pharmaceutical experts, chemists and engineers are continuously developing new products, processes and applications and improving existing ones.

Purac products include:


PURAC® ● Lactic acid ● Lactic acid based formulations


PURASAL® S/PF ● Sodium lactate pharma


PURACAL® ● Calcium lactate ● Calcium lactate gluconate

 ● Calcium lactate based formulations

GLUCONAL® Gluconates: ● Calcium ● Zinc ● Magnesium ● Ferrous

 ● Copper ● Manganese ● Potassium

PURAMEX® Lactates: ● Zinc ● Magnesium ● Ferrous ● Aluminum

PURASORB®: ● Polylactides

 ● PolyGlycolide

 ● PolyCaprolactone

 ● Lactide copolymers

 ● Lactide/glycolide copolymers

 ● Lactide/Caprolactone copolymers

 ● Terpolymers