SPS Pharma Services

SPS Pharma Services:
 "Developing Dissolution"
 SPS Pharma Services, or SPS, is the unique Contract Research Organization based solely on one principle: dissolution testing.

  • Dissolution is a test used by the Pharmaceutical industry to characterize the dissolution properties of an active drug and the release of the active from a dosage form. Dissolution testing is used to formulate the drug dosage form and to develop quality control specifications for its manufacturing process. In Vitro Dissolution is therefore a critical test that has to correlate with in-vivo studies. Dissolution testing is described in EP, USP chapters and FDA guidelines.
  • SPS Pharma Services brings to SOTAX, the pioneers in Flow-Through Dissolution or USP 4, a new dissolution tool to help its customers and their need for testing novel drug formulations and developing automation processes. SPS Pharma Services, is an independent expert company, working on every compendial dissolution method from USP 1 to 7 including analytical method development.
  • SPS Pharma Services is a unique Contract Research Organization dedicated solely to dissolution testing encompassing solubility, formulation, controlled release, IVIVC, novel dosage forms, in-vivo GI dissolution, particle size distribution, polymorphism, intrinsic dissolution and apparent dissolution.
  • PS Pharma Services brings to the outsourcing market another essential dissolution source of expertise and know-how from experienced analysts and external consultants. Our services include system and method feasibility studies, method development, transfer to automation, development of methods and instruments for formulations including APIs, MR/ER tablets, medical devices and drug-eluting stents, microspheres, injectables, implants and many more.

    During development, dissolution time is precious.