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SPS Pharma Services

”Time to market" is the​ main reason for outsourcing. Sometimes even a basic feasibility study carried out at a critical decision making step can offer a quicker return and also free up invaluable resources for more pressing research. Method developments often require a high level of expertise for in-vitro dissolution studies and will only​ be beneficial and profitable if ​they are achieved on time.​ In R&D, whatever the dosage form is, dissolution time is a highly invaluable resource​.

SPS Pharma Services​ (“SPS") is the only unique Contract Research Organization​ dedicated to Dissolution in providing ​you the resource and data you will need to go further. All without you needing to invest in any additional resources, including new dissolution technologies. ​SPS offers you the results that will secure your decision process.
SPS Pharma Services can help you in optimizing your novel dosage forms' release and will find for you the most discriminate dissolution method. System and method feasibility studies, method developments and transfers to automation on compendial instruments, transpositions, IVIVC, dedicated training sessions: all these services are based on SPS expertise. Development of methods and instruments for formulations including APIs, MR/ER tablets, medical devices and stents, microspheres, injectables, implants and many more can be provided by SPS.
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