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SeQuant is a developing and manufacturing company with expertise in chromatography, material technology and life science. The company and its experienced staff members have roots in the academic research at Umeå University and SeQuants R&D oriented philosophy and dedication for support makes life and science easier for our customers. 
SeQuants dedication for communication and support is expressed by the guideline "A Practical Guide to HILIC", available free of charge, and by qualified staff members easy to access online via the website or e-mail. 
SeQuant has pioneered Hydrophilic Interaction Liquid Chromatography (HILIC) that is an increasingly popular technique due to its suitability to retain and separate polar and hydrophilic compounds. The superior and technology leading ZIC-HILIC and ZIC®-pHILIC separation media, are tools for clinical analysis and may be used to solve separation and purification problems in research, development and production of pharmaceuticals. Just as important is the fact that the sensitivity typically is enhanced when HILIC is combined with mass spectrometry or evaporative light scattering detection. 
The ZIC®-HILIC separation columns are silica based and available from nano to prep scale (3.5, 5, 10 or 50 µm, ID 75 µm to 2"). 
The polymeric ZIC®-pHILIC columns offer unique selectivity optimisations by enabling the use of alkaline eluents. 
This zwitterionic stationary phase is also available for SPE and flash applications. For micro extraction the ZIC®-tip is becoming an increasingly popular tool in proteomics, as well as the 2D Proteomics Kit containing a capillary ZIC®-HILIC and reversed phase column with corresponding peptide two dimensional calibration data.

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