TNO Biosciences


TNO is a Research and Technology Organisation having a business unit dedicated to the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry called TNO Biosciences, which offers (pre-) clinical science and services. More than 150 professionals offer the widest and most innovative portfolio of drug discovery and development services. 
Our Vascular and Metabolic Diseases team has more than 25 years of research experience, which has resulted in unique in-vivo and in-vitro disease models, in-depth disease related knowledge and more than 150 peer reviewed papers in the last 10 years. TNO combines the creativity and flexibility of an academic atmosphere with the professionalism of a company setting. 
In the last decade we have built-up extensive knowledge around our proprietary APOE*3 Leiden mouse, which is broadly applied in pre-clinical therapeutic/compound/target evaluation studies for customers ranging from top-ten pharmaceutical companies to smaller biotech companies. The team is continuously investigating and developing more humanized and faster models to address new treatment paradigms. Our E3L.CETP mouse mice, to study HDL metabolism, is a superb example. 
Furthermore we provide the complete range of services in the field of Toxicology, Kinetics & Metabolism, Bioanalysis, Drug Delivery, and Clinical Studies. With our in-depth knowledge we can support you in complex research questions.

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