Univar Pharma Ingredients


Assuring that raw material supply conforms to the regulatory demands at competitive market prices are key for pharmaceutical product development and industrial production. Univar Pharma Ingredients delivers the answers to ensure the smooth and cost effective management of your raw materials.
 Our expertise and long history of the pharmaceutical raw material market allows us to offer to our customers a unique combination: global cost effective supply of a broad range of raw materials with the specific quality and regulatory standards required by the pharmaceutical and veterinary manufacturers.
 + Secured supply As a global supplier, we give access to our customers to an unrivalled choice of API's, excipients, solvents, process chemicals and vitamins through our strong partnership with many of the world's leading producers.
 + Quality assurance Guaranteeing conformity to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry is crucial. Univar's pan-European services focus on complying with GMP and GTDP procedures so our customers can be confident of the quality of the environment a product has experienced, from our warehouses through to final production.
 + Regulation expertise Our skilled technical support team is targeted on bringing rapid and personalised answers, including the arrangement of supplier and site audits or technical queries regarding product specifications and applications.
 + Cost effective execution We recognize that there are many components to the total cost of ensuring the quality of raw materials used in your operations. Our experts have the flexibility to develop the most appropriate solution to reduce customers' overall operational costs.