Valsynthese SA

Valsynthese SA

Hazardous Chemistry in Safe Hands

The Swiss company Valsynthese offers custom synthesis and contract manufacturing of chemical intermediates and APIs, thereby focusing on hazardous and high energetic chemical reactions and processes.

-     Nitration

-     Hydrogenation

-     Grignard reactions

-     Oxidations

-     Phosgenation

-     Azid chemistry

Phosgenation Chemistry

Phosgene is a powerful reagent allowing in an effective way access to key reactives such as chloroformates, acid chlorides and carbamoyl chlorides, thereby permitting the clean and efficient construction of isocyanates, carbonates, carbamides or ureas. The hazardous potential of using phosgene is well known. With this in mind, our Phosgenation plant is built to the highest safety standards. Using phosgene results often in a shorter and more cost-effective synthesis than alternative methods or workarounds.

Chemical Development to Production

The company provides customers with complete solutions from process development to industrial production and from preclinical to commercial quantities. Services include process validation, stability testing and DMF preparation.

The same team guaranteeing a seamless and fast transfer is operating the development laboratories and the pilot plant. The pilot plant can operate under GMP and therefore ensuring the supply of APIs and Intermediates for first clinical trials.