eClinical Solutions

eClinical Solutions

eClinical Solutions is a global provider of cloud-based enterprise software and software-driven clinical data services that accelerate digital clinical initiatives. Our intelligent clinical data cloud and data services give our clients real-time, self-service access to all their data from one centralized location; plus advanced analytics that help them make smarter, faster business decisions.

The elluminate Clinical Data Cloud™ consists of six integrated products:

Powerful data transformation, unification and automation from diverse data sources and formats without programming for submission and analytic needs.

Data Central
All your trial data from every source, one place for integrated review- listings, patient profiles, analytics, queries and issue management.

Clinical Analytics
Comprehensive visualizations and reporting that support safety and efficacy decisions within and across trials, operational analytics that help proactively manage your trial.

Risk-Based Quality Management (RBQM)
Transform numerous data streams into actionable analytics and statistically significant insights for a more focused data-driven monitoring effort.

CTMS Insights
Manages and combines all your operational data into one source of truth that you can benefit from for both ongoing and future trials.

Statistical Computing Environment
Produce submission or exploratory analysis outputs - within and across studies - in a way that is transparent, auditable, automated, reproducible, and secure.

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