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This week’s FDA COVID-19 news

By Jenni Spinner

The agency continues to offer guidance about COVID-19 treatments and tests—and issue warnings to companies that fall out of line.

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FDA update on COVID-19 actions and advisements

By Jenni Spinner

Over the past week, the agency has issued guidances, taken action to accelerate treatments and put a stop to fraudulent treatments for the pandemic-causing virus.

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Advarra supports COVID-19 academic research

By Jenni Spinner

The company’s technology is being used by organizations across the US to tackle solutions intended to treat and prevent infection by the virus.

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Saama expands COVID-19 research consortium

By Jenni Spinner

The EndPandemic National Data Consortium has grown to six life-sciences and information-technology organizations, joining to collaborate on research data.

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ERT tech enables respiratory trials at home

By Jenni Spinner

The health technology company is offering decentralized solutions enabling clinical trials for respiratory treatments to continue at participants’ homes.


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