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Survey: nearly two thirds of respondents now use CROs

By Melissa Fassbender

As part of a recent survey, 62% of respondents said they are more likely to engage a clinical research organization (CRO) partner for clinical research than they were five years ago.

Risk based monitoring (RBM) may be one solution to overcoming challenges in clinical development. (Image: iStock)

Low drug approvals, high costs, spur RBM adoption

By Melissa Fassbender

With the expectation of new regulatory guidelines, and the need for increased productivity, companies will need to become “comfortable with data,” says Quintiles executive.

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AMRI launches new drug discovery center

By Melissa Fassbender

AMRI has opened a drug discovery center, citing growing customer demand for biology, high-throughput screening, in vitro pharmacology, and medicinal chemistry at a single site.

Sanofi, Schrödinger forge up to $120m drug discovery deal

Sanofi, Schrödinger forge up to $120m drug discovery deal

By Zachary Brennan

Computational drug designer Schrödinger has entered into a five-year early drug discovery collaboration with Sanofi in which Schrödinger will provide target analysis and validation to lead identification and lead optimization for as many as ten drug discovery...

Sanofi signs CRO Evotec to €250m, five-year research partnership

Sanofi signs CRO Evotec to €250m, five-year research partnership

By Zachary Brennan

The strategic partnership comes with Sanofi providing €250m to Evotec, including €40m upfront, as part of efforts to discover new drug candidates, including in the area of oncology, and specifically at Sanofi’s R&D site in Toulouse, France.

The Ministry of Health is working to provide accreditation to clinical trial centers, investigators and ethics committees

India taking further steps to reform clinical trial industry

By Zachary Brennan

Fluctuations in regulations over the past few years have reduced the number of clinical trials run on the subcontinent, but now governing bodies are looking at new ways to attract trials and further control the industry.

Discovery outsourcing surge

Cresset Sees Discovery Outsourcing Upsurge

Cutbacks are prompting more sponsors to outsource library design and screening during drug discovery according to UK-based software and consulting firm Cresset.

M&A, partnerships and new services in pharma outsourcing

New pharma services from M&A and partnerships: round-up

By Natalie Morrison

Outsourcing-Pharma.com presents the low down on new services forged by partnerships and M&A (mergers and acquisitions), including a molecular biology offering for Quotient, Onyx’s added purification and separation capabilities, and Accenture’s new...


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