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University of Texas has spent seven years developing a nasal spray vaccine against Ebola


Ebola nasal vaccine under threat as funding runs dry

By Dan Stanton

Lack of funding is threatening development of a nasal spray vaccine shown to provide long-term protection for non-human primates against the Ebola virus, the lead researcher told this publication in an exclusive interview.

Francis Collins' comments provoked a backlash

NIH: without budget cuts, we’d have Ebola vaccine

By Fiona Barry

The head of the US National Institutes of Health has said the organisation would have developed a finished Ebola vaccine by now if its funding had not been slashed over the last decade.

ATMPs can be classified as either gene therapies, somatic cell therapies, tissue engineered products or combined ATMPs

EMA revises what it classifies as advanced-therapy treatments

By Zachary Brennan

The European Medicines Agency’s Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT) has revised a reflection paper on the classification of advanced-therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) to reflect cases in which medicines can be classified as ATMPs. 

Cytovance to manufacture Pamlico Biopharma antibodies

Cytovance to manufacture Pamlico Biopharma antibodies

By Zachary Brennan

CMO Cytovance Biologics has entered into a manufacturing agreement with Pamlico Biopharma to develop a group of three human IgG monoclonal antibodies intended for the treatment of Streptococcus pneumoniae infections. 


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