Biotage increases environment technology presence

By Wai Lang Chu

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Biotage has announced plans to shift its business focus to the
environmental analysis sector - an industry on the rise as soaring
world population demands more efficient and safe laboratory
technologies to deal with waste, hazardous materials and

According to the European Process Engineer Magazine (EPEM), the environmental industry market totals $676bn in 2005 and still makes up the largest part of the whole industry. Although Asia has the largest growth rate in the environmental industry, Europe will still lead in the technology development. The announcement makes sense for Biotage, which supplies tools and technology to the Life Sciences industry. The innovation and industrial basis of the industry is, according to EPEM, expected to facilitate the development of environmental industry technology. As a result, the market for environmental technologies, clean energies and water has shown a noticeable increase as has the stock of related companies. As further evidence of this intention, Biotage has further added to its family of sample preparation products designed for use in environmental, forensic and industrial applications. The Evolute ABN 50µm is a new SPE sorbent optimised for analysis of environmental contaminants in water. "Purity is essential for reliable quantification at trace levels for environmental applications​," said Scott Carr, Vice President Commercial Operations, Biotage. "Leading environmental labs routinely use Biotage ISOLUTE SPE cartridges for sample preparation when monitoring EPH (extractable petroleum hydrocarbons) in soil and water."​ Biotage added that part of its overall strategy was to include redeploying marketing and sales resources along with new product development for specific application areas. Since acquiring the analytical consumable business from Argonaut Technologies in June 2005, Biotage has developed its core product line to meet the strict requirements demanded of Environmental Agencies. "These standards have become more stringent as rapidly developing regions of the world intensify their focus on Environmental concerns​," said Biotage CEO, Torben Jörgensen. Climate change has indeed raised the market for environmental technologies, in particular clean energies. EPEM's report suggested that the environmental industry worldwide is increasing again at 12 per cent per year when compared to figures in 2003. The highest increases were in water and clean energies. Water counts for 34 per cent of the total markets and clean energies for 13 per cent, waste for 28 per cent and noise reduction for 2 per cent.

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