Revolutionary AI tech by Leal Health offers new hope for cancer patients - learn how

By Liza Laws

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In this exclusive Q&A, Liza Laws sits down with Leal Health to discuss their groundbreaking GenAI single point of access technology.

This innovation is poised to transform patient access to cancer care by leveraging advanced AI capabilities to provide personalized treatment options, streamline patient journeys, and enhance overall care.

LL: Can you provide an overview of Leal Health's new GenAI single point of access technology and how it revolutionizes patient access to cancer care?

The addition of GenAI to Leal Health’s proprietary platform represents a transformative leap in cancer care, removing barriers between precision medicine and cancer patients searching for a cure. The technology provides patients with increased access to the most effective treatment options available (both clinical trials and standard-of-care therapies) for their exact diagnosis, regardless of their existing medical knowledge or understanding.

Additionally, our advanced medical modeling technology enables patients to upload their medical records directly to our platform to obtain clear, easy-to-understand explanations of their results. This leads to accurate treatment as well as resource matches tailored to patients’ specific medical data and helps patients make the right decisions on their cancer journeys. Additionally, our GenAI integration enhances the platform’s ability to predict a patient’s future treatment pathway, based on comparing their medical state to similar patients’ past / current conditions and future treatment options. This allows pharma companies to identify and educate potential patients in advance.

LL: What sets Leal’s next-generation platform apart from other patient support tools currently available in the market?

Leal Health's platform stands out due to its comprehensive, patient-first approach powered by cutting-edge AI. Unlike other tools, our platform translates medical language and extract medical information from medical records,   ensures that each patient receives personalized treatment options based on their unique medical condition and  integrates financial aid resources, schedule management and a live GenAI-enabled chat to provide holistic support. This level of integration and personalization is unparalleled, empowering patients to navigate their treatment journey with confidence and ease, while maintaining the personal “touch” with a highly experienced patient support team. No platform to-date has offered such a comprehensive single point of access, and for free.

LL: How does the platform leverage AI, particularly the Large Language Model (LLM) and machine learning, to enhance patient engagement and treatment support?

Our platform leverages AI through a proprietary Large Language Model and sophisticated machine learning algorithms and precise medical modeling  to read and analyze both medical documents, such as NGS and biopsy reports and treatments protocols and guidelines . This technology enables us to provide precision treatment options tailored to each patient’s unique medical condition. The platform's AI capabilities also power our live GenAI-enabled chat, which offers real-time support, answers queries and educates patients, thereby enhancing engagement and ensuring they are well-informed throughout their treatment journey.

LL: How does Leal’s platform empower cancer patients in understanding their diagnostics and identifying personalized treatment options?

Leal’s platform empowers cancer patients by providing them with clear, actionable insights into their diagnostics. Through our AI-driven analysis of medical documents, patients receive a personalized roadmap that includes precision treatment options, including relevant clinical trials and FDA-approved therapies. Leal provides patients medical information in a patient friendly language with the assistance of smart chat, treatment information is also curated to help patients understand their options. This empowers patients to take an active role in their treatment decisions, transforming them into "activated patients" who are well-informed and proactive in their healthcare journey.

LL: Can you elaborate on the financial aid features of the platform and how they assist patients in managing the costs associated with cancer treatment?

Our platform includes robust financial aid features designed to alleviate the economic burden of cancer treatment. It identifies and connects patients with financial support options for copays, transportation, childcare and other related expenses including grants, advocacy and financial support groups. By simplifying access to these resources, we help patients focus on their recovery without the constant stress of financial constraints, ensuring they can adhere to their treatment plans more consistently and effectively.

LL: In what ways does the platform support healthcare providers and caregivers in managing patient care more effectively?

Leal’s unique AI solution offers HCP dedicated platform to identify and learn about advanced new treatments available through clinical trials, standard-of-care treatments.

Additionally, Leal helps physicians focus on delivering the best care to patients by reducing their workload. This is achieved through the company determining the best available treatments for patients, connecting with patient’s directly to answer questions about clinical trials, providing real-time patient data and more. 

LL: How does the live GenAI-enabled chat resource function, and what kind of support does it offer to patients and healthcare providers?

The live GenAI-enabled chat functions as an interactive, real-time support tool that provides patients and healthcare providers with immediate answers to their questions. It leverages our AI technology Precise Medical Modeling  to offer detailed explanations about diagnostics, treatment options and logistical support such as scheduling and financial aid. This resource enhances patient engagement by making information accessible and understandable, thereby supporting healthcare providers in delivering informed care.

LL: Could you explain the concept of Precise Medical Modeling and its role in providing precision treatment options for cancer patients?

Precise Medical Modeling is a patented technology of our platform that combines advanced generative AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze, interpret, and create personalized treatment profiles for cancer patients. By analyzing detailed medical data, such as NGS and biopsy reports, and treatment protocols and guidelines it identifies the most effective treatment options tailored to the individual’s specific condition. This approach ensures that patients receive the most appropriate and potentially successful therapies, significantly improving their chances of a positive outcome.

LL: How does the platform utilize real-world data gathered from patient journeys to improve patient care and support biopharmaceutical companies?

Our platform collects and analyzes real-world data from patient journeys, which provides valuable insights into treatment effectiveness and patient outcomes. This data is used to help mitigate the gaps between the treatments and patients' needs. Biopharmaceutical companies benefit from this data by gaining a deeper understanding of patient experiences, barriers, needs and treatment responses, which can inform the development of more patient-centric therapies and clinical trials. Also it’s used continuously refine and enhance our AI algorithms, ensuring that patients receive the most current and effective treatment recommendations

LL: What are some of the biggest barriers to cancer care that Leal's platform addresses, and how does it streamline the patient treatment journey?

Leal's platform addresses several major barriers to cancer care, including limited access to personalized treatment options, difficulty understanding complex medical jargon, financial constraints and the complexity of managing treatment schedules. By offering a single point of access for all these needs, our platform streamlines the patient treatment journey, making it easier for patients to navigate their care.

LL: What future innovations or enhancements can we expect from Leal Health to further support cancer patients and healthcare providers?

We will continue to leverage GEN AI capabilities to reduce barriers in patients’ journey, help them get access to the best of care quickly and seamlessly and work diligently with biopharma companies to ensure true understanding of patients’ needs and true patient centricity implementation.

LL: How has the market responded to the launch of Leal’s next-generation platform, and what feedback have you received from early adopters?

Early-adopters have praised the immediate impact our platform has on improving patient care. Patients appreciate the personalized treatment options and financial support, while healthcare providers value the platform's ability to streamline diagnostic and treatment processes. And biopharma companies are impressed by the depth and longitude of real world data. 

LL: How does Leal Health collaborate with biopharmaceutical companies, and what role does your platform play in supporting their patient-centric approaches?

Leal Health collaborates closely with biopharmaceutical companies by providing them with real-world data and insights that enhance their patient-centric approaches. Our platform helps these companies identify suitable candidates for clinical trials and patients for their approved drugs. This collaboration accelerates the development of new therapies and ensures that they are tailored to meet the needs of diverse patient populations.

LL: What is your vision for the future of cancer care, and how does Leal Health plan to contribute to this vision?

Our vision for the future of cancer care is one where every patient has access to personalized, precision treatment options and comprehensive support throughout their journey. Leal Health plans to contribute to this vision by continually advancing our AI technology, expanding our platform's capabilities and fostering collaborations with healthcare providers and biopharmaceutical companies. By doing so, we aim to democratize access to cancer treatments and improve outcomes for patients worldwide.

LL: How do you ensure that the platform is user-friendly for both patients and healthcare providers?

We prioritize user experience by designing our platform around ease-of-use and accessibility. Our platform and AI is built by cancer survivors, and patients, for cancer patients, our first hand knowledge of the journey, the questions, and the barriers allows us to create a widely regarded truly patient-centric experience. The platform offers clear, actionable insights and streamlined access to resources, ensuring that users can efficiently manage and understand treatment journeys without technical barriers.

LL: Can you share any stories or examples of how Leal’s platform has made a significant difference in the lives of cancer patients?​        

To date, we’ve helped make over 5.5 million treatment matches for patients and have partnered with leading advocacy and patient support organizations to ensure unbiased access to cancer treatment for all, becoming the only single point of access able to support the entire oncology industry.

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