Stability testing aids drug discovery

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ESA has developed a set of oxidative stability tools that could
allow compounds with unfavourable characteristics to be weeded out
at an early stage of development.

ESA has developed a set of tools that can test drug discovery compounds for their oxidative stability in the initial stages of development, allowing those with unfavourable characteristics to be weeded out at an early stage.

The company has issued a technical note, available on its website​, that illustrates how its coulometric array systems can provide researchers with a path to quickly eliminate 'problem' compounds with undesirable stability characteristics. This can allow researchers to increase the speed and throughput of drug development through early compound attrition, according to the company.

A key parameter for the use of any compound as a drug is that of its inherent chemical stability. This stability can include everything from a measurement of a compound's stability under oxidative conditions, to the testing of a compound under artificial forced degradation conditions.

ESA has determined that its coulometric array technology, marketed under the CoulArray banner, can provide researchers with important data on degradation patterns and predicted breakdown products by evaluating the stability of virtually any compound to oxidative degradation

The system integrates with any high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or bioanalytical mass spectrometry system and uses just picogramme levels of compound.

"In today's biophysical characterisation laboratory the ability to make rapid decisions about a compound is paramount,"​ said ESA in a statement.

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