Courtoy tablet press gets tripled output

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Niro Pharma Systems unit Courtoy has improved its MODUL rotary
tablet press range with the launch of the MODUL D, a double-sided
version that ramps up the unit's production capabilities, writes
Phil Taylor.

The MODUL D is an extension of Niro's successful MODUL S product, which was first introduced in 2002 and combined a high tablet output rate - the MODUL S consistently runs at over 285.000 tablets per hour, for an 'effective capacity / nominal capacity' ratio of 86 per cent - with comprehensive containment features designed to boost operator safety. The Modul D is the double-sided twin of the MODUL S and boasts three times the tablet output.

The new press can be used for both single-layer/double-output and double-layer/single-output tabletting. The changeover between single-layer and bi-layer mode takes less than 15 minutes, as only a small number of minor machine parts need to be replaced.

Like its single-sided counterpart, the MODUL D is built around Courtoy's contained ECM (exchangeable compression module), for which the company has filed for patent protection. The ECM isolates all product contact parts from the remainder of the machine and can be exchanged for a second ECM in a matter of minutes.

While the first ECM is being cleaned, the machine is already producing tablets, using the second ECM. No cleaning on the press itself is required, which means that downtime is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Like the MODUL S, the MODUL D can be equipped with various types of ECM, allowing for all types of tablet tooling and containment and cleaning requirements, such as containment, high containment and high containment with wash-off-line capability, according to the company.

Meanwhile, Niro said it had just sold a second MODUL S system to a generics company based in Africa.

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