Perbio launches new drug discovery product

By Wai Lang Chu

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Perbio Science launches its latest drug discovery product, which
employs a new dialysis method in plasma protein binding

The RED Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis Device's design provides a high membrane surface-to-volume ratio, reducing dialysis time by 75 per cent when compared to competing devices.

Determining the extent to which a molecule binds to plasma proteins is an important phase of drug development as it influences compound dosing, efficacy, clearance rate and potential for drug interactions.

This determination is enabled by equilibrium dialysis, the standard method for reliable estimation of the non-bound drug fraction in plasma.

Although it is the preferred method, equilibrium dialysis is labour-intensive, time-consuming, cost-prohibitive and difficult to automate.

The RED System consists of disposable tube inserts and a 96-well Teflon Base Plate. The design of the base plate provides compatibility with automated liquid handling systems while the large dialysis surface area of the tube inserts accelerates equilibrium.

The RED Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis Device from Pierce was recently launched from the Perbio Science stand at Analytica 2006.

The device ensures ease of use by providing disposable tubes that require no pre-soaking step, assembly, or specialised equipment. In addition, the short incubation time allows equilibrium to be reached in as little as 3 hours due to the high membrane surface to volume ratio

Furthermore, the 96-well plate format is compatible with automated handlers and the individual insert format also allows for partial plate use.

The base plate is composed of chemically inert high grade Teflon, eliminating non-specific binding and risk of contamination

Further information regarding the RED Rapid Equilibrium Dialysis Device can be found on >Pierce Biotechnology​'s website.

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