NBS launches new laboratory shaker range

By Wai Lang Chu

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New Brunswick Scientific (NBS) has introduced two new benchtop
incubator shakers, the first in a range of eight new models
replacing the original C-Line. The shakers have been designed to
allow reproducible results all the way down the cell line.

The shakers have been designed for the budget-conscious laboratory with a host of features normally found on more expensive models. NBS' incubator shakers (orbital) are ideally suited to culturing microorganisms and cells under strict conditions of temperature, time, light and agitation.

It achieves these optimum conditions by incorporating added refrigeration providing the ability to calibrate speed and temperature from the keypad; and feature an improved UniCentric Drive for improved balance when operating with heavier loads or higher speeds.

The compact shakers accommodate test tubes and flasks up to 2.8 litres in a tightly-sealed growth chamber.

Microprocessors control speed from 50 to 400 rpm, and temperature from 7ºC to 60ºC (or from 15ºC below ambient in refrigerated E24R.)

Timed studies with automatic shut-off can be programmed from 0.1 to 99.9 hours, and audible & visual alarms alert the user to end of study as well as setpoint deviations.

"Our Excella models are designed for lighter-workloads, with a more limited range of options,"​ the company said.

"While these microprocessor-controlled shakers may not offer all the advanced features or specifications of the Innova models, they are affordably priced and offer an excellent alternative when budget constraints are an issue,"​ they added.

The Excella range has also been designed to allow a host of accessories to be included in its functionality. A variety of options are avaialble for safely securing test tubes, flasks and plates to the shaker.

The Universal Platform provides a solid base for mixing different size test tubes and glassware on a single platform. Numerous mounting holes allow the researcher to add and interchange clamps & test tube racks.

The flask clamps themselves are made from a single piece stainless-steel construction (not spot welded or riveted) for added strength and safety holding flasks firmly in place.

Larger clamps come with an extra girdle for added security when agitating flasks at high speeds.

If the laboratory researcher using a single flask size only, dedicated platforms can provide maximum capacity, and come with clamps installed.

The researcher can also eliminate the need for individual clamps using NBS' Sticky Tape and Sticky Pad for use at speeds up to 250 rpm, depending on flask size, orbit diameter and load.

Further options include the adjustable-angle test tube racks that can be mounted to the platform to make transporting test tubes between shaker and bench quick & easy.

The Excella E24 and E24R are now availalbe for purchase.

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