Altogen service aims to speed gene mutation detection

By Nick Taylor

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Altogen Labs is offering pyrosequencing services to quickly provide characterisation of disease-related genetics in clinical research.

Using its pyrosequencing tool, called PyroMark, Altogen claims it gathers sequence information from a polymerase chain reaction product within minutes. Sequencing data gathered using the tool can then guide oncology research or validation and discovery of genetic markers.

PyroMark uses the latest sequencing by synthesis technology and is capable of delivering high accuracy sequence information within minutes, making it an ideal choice for genetic analysis in clinical research​” Altogen said.

Texas-based Altogen is offering pyrosequencing in a number of packages. If the base option is chosen clients provide the PCR amplicon and pyrosequencing primer, leaving Altogen to just handle the reaction and production of analysed results.

Alternatively, clients can outsource more of the process to Altogen. Clients can choose to just provide cells, tissues and other materials and have Altogen perform genomic DNA extraction, bisulfite conversion of the extracted substance, PCR, and the pyrosequencing reaction.

When provided with the sequence Altogen can also design the pyrosequencing assay. Offering multiple packages is intended to give clients “flexibility [and] expert experimental project design​”. Regardless of the package clients will quickly be provided with data analysis, Altogen claims.

Because results are simply the true sequence of the DNA in a sample, the user can examine multiple mutation sites within a specified region, and even multiple variation types, all in the same run​”, Altogen said.

Oncology mutations

Gathering information about mutations can support oncology research. Understanding of the association between KRAS gene mutations and poor response to certain treatments has led to increased focus on the area.

In response, service providers, including Asuragen, Quintiles, and now Altogen, have added capabilities. Altogen says its tool has been shown to be effective at analysis mutations in tumour samples.

Pyrosequencing provided sufficient analytical sensitivity and specificity to assess the mutation status in routine formalin-fixed CRC (colorectal cancer) samples, even in tissues with low tumour cell content​”, Altogen said.

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