The crucial tool in Anju's arsenal and how being patient focused is becoming a cliche

By Liza Laws

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Being patient focused is becoming a cliche and actions speak louder than words Anju's Larry Birch claimed during SCOPE 2024.

In April 2022, Anju, a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions to the life sciences industry, announced the appointment of Laurence (Larry) Birch as its chief executive officer.Larry brought more than three decades of life sciences, software, and global management experience to Anju, and the company said he was uniquely prepared to lead the company through its next phase of growth.

OSP’s Liza Laws sat down with Larry to discuss where the company was headed, how Anju keeps patients at the forefront while supporting its customers and the crucial tool in its arsenal. 

LL: I've heard a lot about Anju and I'm eager to learn more about what sets you apart. Can you tell me a bit about your business intelligence tool, TA scan?

LB:​ So, the TA scan is a crucial tool in our arsenal. It's designed to provide pharmaceutical companies with comprehensive insights into key opinion leaders (KOLs), patient populations, site capacities, and more. We aggregate and cleanse data from over 100 different sources to provide this information in seconds. It's a game-changer in terms of efficiency and effectiveness in understanding the populations these companies serve.

LL: That sounds powerful. I'm curious about your approach to diversity within clinical trials. Could you elaborate on how your diversity module works?

LB:​ Diversity in clinical trials is a pressing issue, and our module aims to address it head-on. By identifying diverse populations, we help pharmaceutical companies ensure that their clinical trials represent a broad spectrum of demographics. This not only enhances the validity of trial results but also fosters inclusivity in healthcare research, which is essential for ethical and effective drug development.

LL: Moving on, you mentioned your commitment to customer success as a key differentiator for Anju. How do you prioritize customer satisfaction in your business model?

LB:​ Customer success is at the core of everything we do at Anju. We offer a suite of products designed to support our customers throughout their journey, from EDC solutions to query management systems and data analytics tools. But beyond our products, it's our approach to service that truly sets us apart. We're not just selling technology; we're partnering with our customers to ensure they derive maximum value from our solutions. This means providing comprehensive training, ongoing support, and a relentless focus on meeting their needs.

Larry Birch Anju

LL: Tell me about your emphasis on customer-centricity. In an industry where technology often takes center stage, it's refreshing to see a company prioritize the human element. Can you speak more about your philosophy on customer success?

LB:​ Our philosophy is simple: put the customer first, always. We understand that our success is intricately linked to the success of our customers, so we go above and beyond to ensure they have the support they need to achieve their goals. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues, providing personalized training, or simply being available to address concerns, we're committed to delivering exceptional service at every step of the way.

LL: Could you tell me about your perspective on the industry's rhetoric around being ‘patient-focused’? Do you believe this is more than just a buzzword?

LB:​ Frankly, Liza, I think the notion of being ‘patient-focused’ has become somewhat cliché in our industry. While it's undoubtedly important to keep the patient at the forefront of everything we do, I believe actions speak louder than words. Instead of simply paying lip service to patient-centricity, we should be focusing on tangible ways to improve patient outcomes and experiences. That's where true innovation lies, and that's what we're striving to achieve at Anju.

LL: Regarding the use of ‘subjects’ versus ‘patients’ in clinical trials. Could you go deeper into why you believe it's important to understand and respect this industry's nomenclature?

LB:​ In the realm of clinical trials and pharmaceutical research, precision in language is critical. The term ‘subject’ is not used to dehumanize individuals participating in trials; rather, it reflects the scientific approach to clinical research. Participants in trials are subjects of study, contributing valuable data and insights that drive medical progress. Understanding this terminology is crucial for effectively communicating within the industry and ensuring clarity in discussions.

This perspective sheds light on the nuanced language of the pharmaceutical industry, where precision and accuracy are paramount. It's not about devaluing the human aspect of clinical trials but rather acknowledging the role participants play as subjects of scientific investigation. This understanding shows the importance of aligning terminology with industry standards to facilitate clear communication and collaboration.

LL: Shifting to the innovative tools and services offered by Anju, it seems that your platform provides valuable solutions for streamlining clinical trial operations. Could you walk us through how your data-driven approach enhances efficiency and decision-making for pharmaceutical companies?

LB:​ We use advanced technologies to empower pharmaceutical companies with comprehensive insights into clinical trial landscapes. Our data-driven approach allows us to tailor solutions to the specific needs of our clients, whether it's identifying target patient populations, optimizing site selection, or facilitating regulatory compliance. By harnessing vast amounts of data and employing sophisticated algorithms, we enable pharmaceutical companies to make informed decisions swiftly and effectively.

This highlights the transformative impact of Anju's data-driven solutions on clinical trial operations. By harnessing the power of data analytics and machine learning, we equip pharmaceutical companies with the tools they need to navigate complex regulatory environments, mitigate risks, and accelerate the drug development process. This emphasis on data-driven decision-making underscores Anju's commitment to driving innovation and advancing medical research.

LL: Could you elaborate on the training and support provided to clients to ensure they maximize the value of Anju's solutions?

LB:​ We understand that adopting new technologies can be daunting for our clients. That's why we offer comprehensive training and support to ensure our clients fully leverage the capabilities of our platform. From group training sessions to one-on-one consultations, we provide personalized assistance tailored to our clients' specific needs. Our goal is not just to provide a tool but to empower our clients with the knowledge and expertise they need to succeed in today's competitive landscape.

Our emphasis on training and support proves our commitment to customer success. By offering robust training programs and ongoing support, Anju ensures that clients can maximize the value of their investment in our solutions. This customer-centric approach is integral to Anju's mission of driving innovation and excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

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