Excipients, raw materials and intermediates

GSK House in Brentford, UK (source GSK)

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GSK says UK manufacturing cuts not Brexit related

By Gareth Macdonald

GSK has announced a shakeup of its UK network, shelving plans for Ulverston biopharma plant, mooting the sale of its cephalosporin antibiotics business and pledging to invest in HIV and respiratory drug capacity.


Rousselot is first gelatin firm to join IPEC Europe

By Gareth Macdonald

Gelatin firm Rousselot BV has joined IPEC Europe describing the move as an opportunity to contribute to the development of regulatory standards for pharmaceutical excipients.


Cure & cancer: cannabis molecule blend research

By Flora Southey

Cure Pharmaceutical has entered into a strategic collaboration to test and develop potential cancer therapeutics utilising a blend of the cannabis plant-derived terpenes.