Procaps S.A.

Procaps S.A.

Softigel is Procaps' strategic business unit for contract development services, supporting healthcare and related businesses by developing, manufacturing and commercializing pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements, veterinary formulations in softgel patented technologies, offering single and multiple drug dosage systems.

Our differentiating strengths enable us to move into more difficult-to-produce compounds, formulations, dosage forms, and non-traditional manufacturing processes where few competitors can follow.

Our seven cutting-edge facilities along South America house a fully integrated product development services (PDS) unit and cover all product lifecycle phases from early development to commercial in the same plant. Our new pilot plant facility for the manufacturing of experimental and pilot batches for softgels, liquids and tablets, uses equipment that can replicate both lab-scale and small-scale GMP batches, up to full-scale commercial GMP.

Our product development team provides customers with access to formulation development, process development, Clinical trial manufacturing, and scale-up services, analytical development and regulatory support for a range of softgel types, new technologies and other drug delivery forms, from Phase I scale, through registration, to large scale commercial production.