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Tech Innovations: May 2021

By Jenni Spinner

This month’s roundup of new equipment, technology partnerships, and other news includes items from Ajinomoto, Elligo, Syneos, ACD/Labs and other companies.

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People on the Move: March 2021

By Jenni Spinner

The companies announcing acquisitions, new hires, promotions and other news this month include Syneos, Elligo, PCI Pharma Services, I Holland and more.

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Elligo kicks off remote trial model

By Jenni Spinner

The company’s SOAR research model is designed to enable direct data capture and full remote site access for decentralized and hybrid clinical trials.

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Elligo leader lands Florence Effect award

By Jenni Spinner

Melinda Rodriguez, director of regulatory services, has received the recognition in part for her leadership at drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites.

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Elligo sets up new partnership in Canada

By Melissa Fassbender

Elligo Health Research partners with Jack Nathan Health to provide clinical research as a care option to patients at its Walmart clinics in Canada.

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Using RWD to bridge gaps in trial access

By Maggie Lynch

Integrated research organizations aim to bridge the gap between clinical research and clinical health care with the use of RWD, yet, the data may not be ready for research, according to Elligo Data Scientist.


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